quinoa salad with endives, celery, pomegranate and winter fruit, and winter (wonder)landscapes in New England

Dear neighbors, I hope you are fine and taking good care of yourselves before the holidays. This is the recipe for a salad I usually make either before or after the maybe-not-so-good-for-your-liver-but-oh-so-tasty meals that we have around this time of year… Adding winter fruit helps the bitterness of the endives go down a little better – and brings color to our plates!

Ingredients (serves 3 to 4 people)

75 g quinoa (mine is often the bi or tri-color kind)

2 good size Belgian endives

2 celery stalks

1 or 2 pears of your favorite variety

1 nice Granny Smith apple

1 pomegranate

for the dressing: (approximate amounts)

the juice of a freshly pressed organic orange

3 to 4 TBSP rice vinegar

2 TBSP canola oil (more neutral in taste than olive oil)

+ natural sea salt to taste

How to:

1. Wash and rinse the quinoa several times, drain and cook in a large amount of boiling water for about 15 to 20 minutes. Drain and rinse cooked grains in cold water.

2. Prepare the dressing in a large salad bowl.

3. Chop the endives and finely dice the celery stalks. Add to the salad bowl. The dressing will prevent the endives from browning.

4. Open the pomegranate and scoop out as many seeds as you like and add to the vegetables from step 3.


5. Wash and dice the fruit in small pieces. (Peeling is optional.) Add the fruit to the salad bowl along with the quinoa and mix well. Add salt to taste, and serve.

Enjoy and take care, dear neighbors!

After Narragansett Bay, here are some photos I took on the “Ten mile river” walk. Both places are less than a five minutes drive away from where we are staying, something I appreciate very much. It is still very cold over here. As a matter of fact, the parking lot where we left the car was dangerously icy, but somehow the path itself was nice and dry. The snow hadn’t melted yet and I found the landscape even more beautiful than in autumn.  




Until next time, have a good week everyone! 

OOPS… I think I may be losing my marbles, dear neighbors: I have just realized I  already shared this recipe with you back in 2017!  Same ingredients, just a different story to go with the recipe.  If you are interested, here it is — I was a little upset that day!


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