alphabetical list of recipes (well, sort of)


Please note that my desserts and dough recipes are listed separately from the main list,  a little further down.


* vegetables / vegetarian dishes
* fish dishes
* dishes with meat

dips / condiments / dressings
* sweet stuff
* basic bread and pie dough recipes



– green asparagus and fish in a gluten-free crumble  here

– avocado, cucumber and red bell pepper verrines (tuna or egg option)   here

– beet and cucumber salad in a refreshing mint yogurt dressing  here

– blinis, gluten-free, dairy-free, an easy recipe  here

– bok choy and potatoes with basil and thyme  here

– broccoli and carrot (Asian-inspired, with tamari and coconut cream)   here

– buckwheat and kohlrabi loaf   here

– butternut curry with green beans and mushrooms   here

– cauliflower balls, oven-baked and gluten-free (technically sulfite-free, but…)  here

– chick pea and tomato salad with homemade pesto  here

– curried red lentil sauce  here

– curried zucchini and fish bake   here

– celery, cooked : this recipe will make you change your mind about it !    here

– chicken and vegetable coconut milk soup   here

– chicken breast and julienned carrots in sage, paprika, mustard and coconut milk sauce  here

– Lebanese style chicken legs or tofu, an easy recipe   here

– duck breast in orange ginger sauce here

– easy gluten-free breaded fish, better than fish sticks here

– endive, apple, beet and almond winter salad     here

– endive, fennel, radish and apple salad   here

– eggplant and pesto rosso rolled omelette  here

– eggplant and tomato bake, with chorizo or black olives   here

– “fake” fries  here

– fennel and dried beans in tomato sauce   here

fish in a gluten-free crumble with green asparagus  here

–  garbanzo and spinach patties with tomato sauce  here

–  gomasio, homemade here

–  green beans (haricots verts) cooked in a simple way    here

– kohlrabi and carrot quiche, gluten-free, dairy-free, starch-free   here

– lentil loaf with walnuts and vegetables here

– lentil, turnip and apple in tomato sauce  here

“macédoine de légumes” (cool easy summer salad)   here

– millet patties with vegetables   here

– millet patties with vegetables, egg-free recipe (vegan)   here

– mint and sage non-dairy creamy sauce here

– miso vinaigrette   here

– picnic loaf (teff and rice flour) with sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella and basil (starch free and gum free)  here

– vegetarian patties, versatile and easy to make (with oats and garbanzo beans or split pea flakes)   here

–  pesto rosso, easy and sulfite-free    here 

– phyllo leaves (gluten-free), stuffed with ham / salmon and spinach   here

– picnic loaf (gluten-free, starch-free and gum-free) with dried tomatoes, basil and mozzarella  here

– potato and bok choy with basil and thyme (with video)   here

– potato patties     here

– pumpkin seed dressing, an alternative to vinaigrette, sulfite-free   here

– roast pork (or veal) and winter squash with herbes de Provence   here

– quinoa and chicken warm salad with sauteed vegetables (pepper, sugarloaf cabbage, and carrot), with an Asian twist  here

– quinoa and vegetable medley curry with chicken or shrimp  here

– quinoa, peas, roasted beet and pumpkin seed dish (vegan)   here

– quinoa salad with endives, celery and winter fruit    here

– quinoa salad with raw kohlrabi, pomegranate and pumpkin seeds   here

radish and cucumber with gomasio paste      here

– rabbit or chicken in a spicy tomato sauce with sulfite-free mustard  here

– ratatouille savory pie  here

– ravioli, homemade and gluten-free (with egg yolk)     here

– ravioli, homemade, gluten-free and egg-free, with how-to video here

– ravioli filling, vegan  or traditional (meat-based)   here

– red and green salad in orange dressing   here

– Asian rice salad, with almonds, green beans, sweet potato (and chicken bites) here

– salad with grapefruit, kohlrabi and homemade gomasio  here

(summer) salad with carrots and kohlrabi here

– salad with carrots, fennel and kiwi fruit (or orange)  here

(winter) salad with raw beet and black radish for finicky eaters   here

– salmon patties with dill   here

– savory carrot and fenugreek cake     here

– savory pie with anchovies (or sardines) and green olives  here

– savory pie using ratatouille leftovers (vegan option)  here

– savory nut spread with chives and parsley  here

– scrod in coconut curry sauce, with (or without!) peas  here

– shrimp and rice with avocado, zucchini basil sauce   here

– soup: egg drop soup with zucchini and leftover turkey after Thanksgiving)  here

– soup: heart-warming chicken and vegetable coconut milk     here

– soup: Japanese style chicken soup      here

– soup: quick miso soup here

– soup: red lentils and winter squash (pumpkin or kabocha) with spinach   here

– soup: winter squash, buckwheat and parsnip vermicelli   here

– soup  with winter vegetables: pumpkin, potato, peas, parsnip, and poultry (optional)  here

– spinach, carrots, almonds and fenugreek  here

– spring rolls, and a few tips for one-arm cooks!  here

(fall) spring rolls   here

(winter) spring rolls, in a special version for travelers as well as a vegan option  here

– sweet potato and kohlrabi gratin with fenugreek     here

– swiss chards, with curry, served with potato patties   here

– stuffed tomatoes, in two versions: traditional or vegan  here

– creamy tomato avocado basil sauce     here

– tips: how to keep vegetables and herbs fresh until the next shopping trip   here

– tuna and avocado spread   here

– veal stew with peas, carrots and tomato sauce here

(summer) vegetables cooked with fenugreek  here

– veggie bowl with sulfite-free dressing  here

– Waldorf salad (gluten-free and dairy-free)    here

– winter squash and turnip bake (with rosemary)    here

wraps (gluten-free, sulfite-free, with oats, millet and rice flour) here



–  almond meal and lentil flour cookies  here

–  apple and raspberry “verrines” with yogurt and gluten-free crumble   here

–  apple tart or apple dessert (no crust)  here

–  banana nut bread, gluten free and starch free  here

–  cereal bars, gluten-free and not sugar added  here

–  chocolate treats for Christmas, homemade  here

–  chocolate mousse (very little added sugar)  here

(frozen) chocolate power bars, better than Snickers   here

– Halloween ghost cookies, nut free here

– cookies made with almond meal and lentil flour (egg-free)  here

– cream puff dough (choux pastry) with cassava flour here

– crêpes, gluten free and dairy free  here

–  date and tahini spread for crêpes  here

–  French pastry cream (“crème pâtissière”), with the help of a potato masher!!!    here

– frozen mango mousse (with vegan option)   here

– instant vegan ice-cream  here

– marble cake with chestnut flour, gluten-free and starch-free   here

– orange and beet jam   here

– nut-free and egg-free cookies   here

– (quince) pancakes, gluten-free, dairy-free, starch-free   here

– (sweet potato & banana) pancakes, gluten and dairy free, no need for added sugar  here

– (Japanese sweet potato & banana) pancakes, my favorite  here

– panna cotta (dairy-free, yet creamy) and date strawberry coulis     here

– pear crumble with ginger lemon topping, gluten-free    here

–  pear and cranberry pie  here

pie dough recipe, universal (with how-to video) here

– pie (tarte aux poires), gluten-free, starch-free, gum-free, dairy-free here

(four layer) raspberry and cream cake, gluten-free and dairy-free  here

– shortbread pastry dough (with how-to video)  here

– sponge cake, fluffy and gluten-free here

– spring roses (apple stuffed gluten-free phyllo leaves)   here

– strawberry mint jelly with fresh fruit (homemade)   here 


– basic homemade bread here

– blinis, gluten-free, dairy-free, an easy recipe  here

-breakfast cranberry cinnamon bread loaf    here

– sandwich bread   here

– salty crackers with sesame or poppy seeds  here

– choux pastry dough (for cream puffs), gluten-free, with cassava flour, video included here

– choux pastry dough, gluten-free, with rice and teff flour (my first recipe) here

– English muffins gluten-free, egg-free, with a choice of flour combination    here

– pasta dough for ravioli or fettuccine, gluten-free and egg-free, with how-to video here

– pastry dough, versatile, for savory or sweet pies, video included  here

– pie dough with buckwheat and rice flour  here

– pie dough (gluten-free, gum-free, universal,  for quiche)   here

– pie dough, sweet, for “tarte aux fruits” (fruit pie), gluten-free, starch-free, gum-free  here

– pizza dough recipe (gluten and sulfite free)  here

– phyllo leaves (gluten-free and homemade)  here

– savory vegan crepe dough, gluten-free and sulfite-free (from oats, millet and rice flour)  here

– teff flour bread (sulfite-free, gluten-free, starch-free, all  natural)  here

– wraps (with cassava flour, gluten-free)  here