my tip for rolling out gluten-free dough (pie dough or pasta dough) smoothly

Hello again, dear neighbors ! If you have ever had to roll out gluten-free pie dough, you know how tricky it can get. It usually sticks to the rolling pin, at least in my experience. To get around this issue without using extra flour, most people place the dough between 2 pieces of parchment paper.  I used to do it between a silicone mat and parchment paper but somehow always got wrinkles on the parchment side of the dough. Then one day I spotted some cheap drawer/cupboard plastic liner in a store and decided to use this along with the silicone mat. My dough, be it pie dough or pasta dough, sandwiched between the two, is much easier to roll out, with no more wrinkles!

Nothing better than photos to show you what I mean, so here we go:

rolling out gluten-free pie dough step 1
step 1: roll out the dough between the silicone mat and the drawer liner (lightly brushed with oil), smooth part down.  
rolling out gluten-free pie dough step 2
Because the liner sheet is thicker and stiffer than parchment paper, the rolled out dough is very smooth.  Peel off the plastic liner.
rolling out gluten-free pie dough step 3
Replace the liner sheet with parchment paper.
rolling out gluten-free pie dough step 4
Flip the “sandwich” over and peel off the silicone mat.  The dough (along with the parchment paper) is ready to be placed in a pie dish…
rolling out gluten-free pie dough step 5
…like so.  See how smooth it is?

From the small roll of plastic liner that I bought I was able to cut out several pieces that I use as patterns: circular ones to help me get the  right size when I make smaller pies and rectangular ones for my homemade lasagna and pasta.  I wash them with my silicone mat after using.  This was one of those small purchases that I am very happy with!


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