fall spring rolls

Back in the spring, when I sprang off my wall and broke my left arm, I told you about my homemade spring fall, I mean, spring rolls. I am happy to report that I am finally done with my therapy sessions !

so happy

I can tackle my flower beds once again, very careful to spring and not fall, and feel it is absolutely appropriate, dear neighbors, that I should tell you about my homemade fall rolls !!! Anybody confused yet ? After reading this post, my husband says psychological damage may not be totally ruled out 😄

Same technique, just a different filling : soy vermicelli, peppers, still in season, leftover chicken breast, and a very tasty peanut sauce, somewhat similar in taste to the classic hoisin sauce. If your peanut butter is organic like ours, with no added anything, there shouldn’t be any sulfites in it. I have made them twice already, 1) to perfect the sauce and 2) make sure my husband didn’t get sick ^^. Afterwards, I thought of other vegetables I could have included, such as the latest batch of green beans from our garden, or peanuts, provided they too were organic. Of course this recipe, like its predecessors, is versatile. I am just sharing some of the ideas that go from my head to our table, dear neighbors !

One last word on peppers : now is the time to stock up before they are not so readily available. Put them under your broiler, peel them after the skin has turned blistery and black and hand them over to your best friend, Mr Freezer, who will keep them for future use !

Ingredients (for8rolls)


8rice paper sheets

8 nice leaves from a head of lettuce, soft and pliable enough to be easily rolled

– about 30 g soy or rice vermicelli, to be cooked

– red, green, yellow bell peppers, roasted, peeled, and cut up. Using raw peppers will make it hard to roll the rice sheets

some protein of your choice : leftover chicken meat, pork, cut up sulfite-free shrimp (for more info see here), crumbled tofu

peanuts (optional), should be organic and free of any preservatives

(for the sauce)

– 3 TBSP peanut butter, all natural, no oil, no sugar added

½ to 1 tsp pure agave nectar (I prefer organic)

– 2 TBSP tamari sauce (wheat-free soy sauce)

– 1 TBSP waterHow to:

1. Cook the vermicelli according to package instructions. Drain and cut up small.  Combine with cut up grilled peppers.

2. Prepare the sauce, first mixing the peanut butter and the agave nectar, and then gradually adding the tamari sauce and water. Quantities may be adjusted according to taste, keeping in mind that the end result should be more of a paste than a liquid.

3. For each roll, soften a rice sheet in a skillet filled with warm water. Lay on a plate and place one leaf of lettuce. Spread some of the sauce over the leaf, then top with vermicelli and vegetables.


Dip the protein into the sauce and place in the middle. You can also choose to simply spread more sauce over the filling. 766658D3-8E3E-4384-A234-AEC10A616219

Roll as you would a regular spring rolls, using the lettuce lining of the rice sheet to contain the filling. I roll from the bottom up about half way, then fold in the sides and finish rolling upwards. Done !  Enjoy, dear neighbors!

close up fall spring roll



    1. Thank you, Dolly 😊. I am also very happy not to have to be on the road so much to drive to the therapist’s office. It was time well spent though. I will keep doing some of the exercises in the comfort of my home in order to maintain my arm’s newly found mobility . Given my legendary clumsiness, my husband had better stay out of my way as I swing a stick left and right behind my back 😄 !

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  1. I’m glad to hear that you’re back to yourself! One handy tip for fussy eaters is to blend the bell peppers and freeze them in ice-cube trays. You can just toss them in casseroles and curries with no worries about lumps. I can’t eat them myself, but all the ones that grew his year were blitzed and frozen. Take care.


    1. Thank you for the tip! My live-in fussy eater, however, (my husband!) has to abide by my rule. You are a lot more obliging, I see…
      We heard, of course, about the bad storm that hit the west coast of Ireland. Even if you live inland, I suppose you had some very strong winds. Any damage in your garden? I hope not, dear neighbor.

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      1. We were very lucky. It was wild, but aside from the greenhouse door falling off early on, it’s very loose, which was promptly shoved back on and held with a wheelbarrow, everything is mostly fine. We didn’t even lose electricity.

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