all natural, dairy-free, no sugar added, instant ice-cream (no maker needed!)

Still in a « less is better » mode, I was perusing the net when I came across this super recipe for instant (banana) ice-cream. We tested it and loved it. I also loved the fact that it does not require an ice-cream maker, that it contains no added sugar, and that the banana taste is so mild that you can almost feel like you are eating vanilla ice-cream, which is why I put the word banana in parentheses.

I hate wasting overripe bananas (or anything for that matter). Up until now I would turn them into banana nut bread. Well, I’ll save my recipe for cooler days : this one is just perfect for when it is hot and you or your kids suddenly have the urge to eat something cool, and healthy ! 

NOTE: My photo does not do justice to this vegan treat: I didn’t have a scoop at hand, used an immersion blender rather than a blender and did not bother to put the cream back in the  freezer.



one or several ripe bananas, even very ripe, but not to the point of fermentation, when they start attracting fruit flies ! (I tested this version, honestly it is not so grand)

– a little non-dairy milk ; my personal preference here goes to coconut milk but any other will be fine, it is only there to help blend the frozen fruit

How to:

1. Peel the bananas and freeze them for several hours… or even weeks ! They should be frozen throughout.

2. At serving time, remove from the freezer and cut into slices or chunks. Add a little liquid and pulse in a food processor, or even with an immersion blender. I have tried both ; the food processor is best if you have several bananas. You will see the frozen chunks slowly turn into ice-cream ! Do not overmix, if the cream gets warm it loses the desired texture.

3.  If desired, you can put the cream back in the  freezer for a bit.

The following short video (not mine) illustrates the method.  Here, the bananas get sliced before freezing.

To be served as is, or with :

– a few toasted organic almonds

– some rum (That’s right! Provided it is made with cane sugar and nothing else)

– some vanilla extract or homemade coffee extract, to be added with the non-dairy milk

– dark chocolate, in chunks, or melted

– date pieces; I saw this suggestion on the net, but personally find it too sweet. 

Enjoy, dear neighbors!



  1. I found this recipe a while ago & usually follow this recipe. My son also likes whatever frozen fruit we have blended up with a handful of macadamia nuts & a tbsp or maple syup. So the other day he had 1 chopped frozen banana, a few frozen strawberries, a few frozen raspberries, a handful of frozen blueberries & an apple. It made a huge bowl which could have been shared. Frozen strawberries or raspberries with a little coconut cream are also really yummy.

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    1. Thank you for your input, I am sharing it with with a blogger (on the French side) who just doesn’t like banana.
      I hope all is well with you. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. It’s one of your dear neighbours popping up in his intermittent fashion. One thing I’ve found that works really well with banana nice-cream, as the internet has dubbed it, is the addition of frozen berries alongside the banana. Strawberries and banana is a delicious combo. I hope you’re keeping well, dear reader! Take care.

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    1. Your comment answers one question I had: I was wondering if you could combine the banana with other fruit. This is truly a great treat, dear neighbor!
      I am well enough to drive for up to a half hour without any problem. Any news on your side?

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      1. I’m glad to hear it! You’ll be back to yourself in no time at all. It’s been a mess of rescheduling and cancellations, but we’e hopeful it’ll be soon, but as I’ve learned you can never say for certain. I hold out hope.

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