Health costs around the world

Hi neighbors! I hope you are all in good health. I rarely voice my thoughts on politics on my cooking blog but watching this today I felt I needed to share it. Both enlightening and heart breaking.


  1. Yeah… I’m living this right now. Can’t get needed procedures because even with insurance, the copays are so high. I make too much for $$ assistance. But after 4 yrs of no income and only 4 months of working, 3 unexpected medical events ate up all they money I had set assigned for planned major medical procedures.

    I’m now considering cashing out retirement savings (with 20% penalty) to go forward with planned procedures. I dunno.

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    1. I am really sorry to hear that — what a terrible situation, I sincerely hope things work out for you. Coming from Europe, it makes me angry that in spite of the high cost sometimes basic things are not covered. As soon as we arrived here, as we knew we were going to stay a while, I went looking for health coverage. Since I am basically healthy and on no meds I figured I didn’t need anything “fancy”. I just wanted to make sure that, say, if I got appendicitis, I could go to the hospital and not have to worry about the bill. Lo and behold, a month later, reading the fine print, I realized that neither anesthesia nor the surgeon’s fees would be covered!!!! As I told the guy on the phone when I canceled : “Are you supposed to take a shot of whisky and perform the operation on yourself with a good kitchen knife?” I since found better coverage through an HMO. Hopefully I won’t need any of their services…
      Take care, and thank you for commenting.


      1. Are those fees ever covered? I routinely get 3 bills… hospital, surgeon, and anesthesiologist.

        Even “good” insurance plans are limited. Thank gawd for CoveredCA… I was denied private insurance back when I was heathly because “height to weight ratio is exceeded”, aka: you’re too fat to insure. Maybe if I’d had coverage then, some of my current issues could have been prevented!

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