a cool summer salad with carrot and kohlrabi, and getting ready for soaring summer temperatures 🥵

Hello, neighbors! It is going to be a hot week over here in France, so cool and refreshing meals are in order. A vegetable naturally high in water content, kohlrabi is the star ingredient of this salad along with carrots. When choosing one in the store, a quick look at its stems and leaves (should be firm and perky) and its skin (should be smooth) will tell you if it is fresh. I took a photo to show you what to expect. Choose your favorite dressing for this simple salad. Mine, our all-time favorite, is made from white miso paste.

Ingredients (serves 2)

Fresh kohlrabi and our own carrots. Alas, the latter are neither very big nor very straight, totally my fault, as I mentioned in my last post.

150 g carrots

75 g kohlrabi

Can you see the water inside? Exactly what we need right now. It is going to be 38°C / over 100°F on Friday!

How to:

Prepare the dressing. As I said up above, mine is a vinaigrette made from white miso paste, rice vinegar and sesame oil, details to be found at the end of a previous post here.

Brush the carrots and peel a chunk of kohlrabi (The smallest kohlrabi rarely weighs less than 200g, so you will most likely end up with leftovers. Those can be kept refrigerated in a tightly closed container.).

Grate or julienne the vegetables and add the dressing. There, you are done!

As usual in summer, as soon as the weather forecast tells us of high temperatures for the days to come, I rush to prepare dishes. Over the past weekend I made a batch of gluten-free English muffins (my husband’s favorite breakfast, a recipe not yet posted), I baked a fish terrine (recipe in French here) that will be eaten cold, and I made some wraps, my 2020 version of them, with my favorite cameraman filming so that I can share them with you as soon as I have done the editing. Some of the wraps will go in the freezer for those hot days when I definitely don’t feel like cooking. Other than that, we will be eating a very classic summer French salad, a combination of cold green beans and garden tomatoes. What about you? What is your strategy for meals on very hot days?



    1. Thank you Kathryn! Totally unpretentious but very sweet. I am sorry we didn’t do two rows instead of just one (but the space was already taken by peas). We are thinking of starting a new batch so we can have more in the autumn. My husband wants to really feed the soil well first, and also wait for the heat to abate. Oh, by the way Kathryn, I picked the first blackberries of the year (all six of them) an hour ago — I don’t remember ever them being ripe this early, even earlier than last year, which was already unusual.
      Have a nice week, enjoy the nice weather!


  1. I still have the giant zucchini in my fridge. Neighbor who grew it said the smaller ones taste better. I’m thinking of chopping it up for the urban wildlife cause I’m too lazy to cook.

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    1. Hello! You could always julienne the outer layer to make zucchini spaghetti. Quickly sautéed and served in a warm tomato sauce with rice, it’s an easy meal for a lazy summer day 🙂. Thank you for stopping by!


      1. I don’t like zoodles… icky texture. But I love them when made from beets or sweet potatoes.

        I put a rotting cucumber out for the wildlife and a raccoon treated it like a cat toy!

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