rhubarb compote with dates and cane sugar

This is a take off on Kathryn’s recipe here. Her cooking technique is both quick and easy; all you need is a pan with a fitting lid. My only modification is a partial substitution of sugar for a few dates.

Ingredients (for every 200g rhubarb)

200 g rhubarb (net weight)

– 20g pure cane sugar no coloring added

– 25g pitted soft dates (about 2 Mazafati dates or one nice Medjool)


skillet with fitting lid + immersion blender

How to:

1. Peel the rhubarb stems and cut into small even pieces. Transfer to a thick bottom skillet, add sugar and dates.

Please note that the photos were taken with 300g rhubarb and the adjusted amounts of sugar and dates.

2. Start cooking on low and cover as soon as steam starts forming.

The rhubarb takes about five minutes to cook, stirring occasionally.

3. Transfer to a container before blending . You are done !

I love eating this compote with a little yogurt. It is also excellent with strawberries !

I bought this rhubarb at the local farmers market. There isn’t any in our garden, at least not yet… As I mentioned last time, a friend gave us some seeds that we planted in a small pot early spring. They grew so fast that I had to transfer the young shoots to a bigger pot, but they are already a little snug in there ! Not unlike us, plants do not enjoy being confined, but I hope they can wait until they get moved to their permanent spot, in the autumn.

You look gorgeous… Please be patient!

This year our garden is a little disappointing : our first potatoes are pretty bland tasting, and the peas are having the hardest time flowering. I wonder if buying the seeds in a supermarket rather than my usual gardening center was such a good idea – but you see I didn’t have much choice : we were at the beginning of the general lock down and at the time I didn’t wear a mask and felt particularly stressed and in a big hurry to get all my shopping done…


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