gluten-free and egg-free salmon patties with dill

I dedicate this recipe to all those who find salmon both very expensive and dry tasting – something I find quite paradoxical for a fish rich in fatty acids! Most salmon patty recipes call for canned salmon; however, to avoid any additives and also to spare my eyes from trying to read a minuscule list of ingredients* I use frozen fish. I wish I could use fresh salmon, but we live too far from the ocean to call any fish fresh by the time it reaches our stores! Onion is also often included, a no-no for sulfite-intolerant folks, as well as egg but in my own recipe there is no need for it. Here is my (magic?) trick: adding some oats or buckwheat flakes, some grated zucchini or kohlrabi, and a little dill turns one single piece of salmon piece into TWO delicious patties!

*More on my eyes after the recipe

Ingredients (serves 4 )

250 g fresh or frozen salmon fillet, skin removed

5 TBSP gluten-free oats OR buckwheat flakes if you can find them (a more palatable version, in my humble opinion)

– 4 TBSP (non-dairy) milk, lightly warmed

¼ tsp unrefined sea salt OR ½ tsp Herbamare

– 1 TBSP dill

– 50g zucchini OR kohlrabi, coarsely grated*

a little olive oil to shape and cook the patties

*Ideally, these patties should be served with a side dish of zucchini. Just remember to set aside the 50g you will need for the recipe.

How to:

1. If your fish is frozen, start by inserting the tip of a knife at one end just below the skin in order to remove it easily by pulling on it. Set aside to defrost while proceeding to the next steps.


2. Add 4 TBSP warm milk to 5 TBSP oats or buckwheat flakes and stir. The flakes will barely get rehydrated, but there is no need for more liquid.

3. Cut the fish (even if only partially defrosted) into big chunks and place in a food processor. Add ¼ tsp unrefined sea salt (or ½ tsp Herbamare), 1 TBSP dill and the 50g of coarsely grated vegetables, whether zucchini or kohlrabi, and chop until the mixture is fairly homogeneous.

The rehydrated flakes are paste-like.



4. Shape with oiled hands into round or rectangular patties. You can even go for a fish shape if you are thinking of serving them to children!

These patties look quite boring…
…But they don’t have to!  I add a red peppercorn for the eye.

5. Cooked on low in an oiled pan until each side turns golden.


I eat mine with a little homemade mayonnaise, and my husband with organic ketchup… Everyone is different!

Very tasty, and moist too (see post’s main photo).

The cooked patties can be frozen once they have cooled down.

This is my first English post in a very long time! The past two months have taken a terrible toll on my eye sight, dear neighbors, between video editing for my last recipe, online meetings and Skyping with my faraway children… My eye muscles started straining and hurting, yet I couldn’t make an appointment with an eye therapist until the lockdown was over. I finally saw him last week and he told me my “muscle building” sessions are going to stretch well into the summer 😩! Once I am once again totally operational, I will translate both my latest gluten-free pasta recipe and the video that goes with it into English. But until then, I am taking it easy and keeping my posts short, dear neighbor. So long!

These rhubarb shoots grew from seeds a kind friend gave us.  I have just transferred them to a bigger pot.  Being fairly new at gardening, I really hope I didn’t do anything wrong here…


  1. I am so impressed by your rhubarb seedlings. I send you good gardening fairy wishes that they will develop into lovely, juicy stems. Love the salmon recipe. I feel so fortunate to have such a good supply of fresh salmon here in Scotland. Will give your patties a try. Hope your eyes get back to good health soon 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Kathryn, you know how I love rhubarb! We had tried transplanting one from my parents’ garden last year. Wrong season to do it or just lack of rain, whatever the reason, it didn’t take. I took a look at my big pot first thing this morning (after picking strawberries 😋) and the seedlings seemed happy, so thank you for sending me good luck!
      I hope you like the salmon patties, with fresh fish it should be really tasty 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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