red bell pepper sauce with tahini, and some math

Hello dear neighbors ! Nothing fancy about this recipe – very simple to make, with only three ingredients, red bell pepper, tahini and « Herbamare ». If this natural herb seasoning salt is not available where you live (I know Whole Foods carry it), just use your regular salt, provided it is free of any additives. This red bell pepper sauce is very good with broccoli (which is ok with my husband, unlike cauliflower), pasta, fish or chicken.


two red bell peppers, or as many as you like

tahini (= sesame butter)

Herbamare OR salt (Celtic or Himalayan, without any additives) for seasoning

How to:

1. Cut the peppers in half and seed before baking or grilling in a hot oven until the skin is charred. I usually set the oven at about 240°C / 465°F and place the peppers on a higher rack.


2. Remove the peppers from the oven and cover them with a dish. Thus placed in a sauna-like atmosphere, the skin will relax and be easily peeled off once the peppers have cooled down the skin can easily be peeled off.

IF YOU ARE IN A HURRY, you can also buy the peppers in a jar already prepared. However, be aware that either citric acid or sugar in one form or another is usually added to the peppers, which makes it a non-option for me.

3. And now for the math part of the recipe : weigh the peppers and add 1/10 (one tenth) of their weight in tahini. Blend and season to taste. Voilà !

peeled peppers
After setting the scale back to zero, I added one tenth of 272g, or 27g of tahini.
Unlike tomato sauce, this has a lot of body.

This red pepper sauce just needs to be warmed up before being added to whatever you want. I personally like it on homemade tagliatelle and broccoli – which reminds me I will be posting another recipe for gluten-free pasta (although I already have one here) very shortly.

One of the reasons I like using grams instead of cups when cooking is that it makes it easier to adjust the quantities in a recipe. So sorry ! Do you like math ? If you do, here are somefun exercises” to challenge your brain.  But note that personally I had to rack mine really hard to solve the second one and dig deep into my math memories from high school, which I attended back in the Middle Ages — of course!


The question is: how many spades should go on the right plate of the scale for equilibrium?

Stay safe, dear neighbors !



  1. Lovely recipe, dear Joelle, and certainly one to make as soon as peppers are back in season.
    P.S. I hate math because in middle school I was pushed to complete in regional math Olympiads, while I needed time to practice for regional and then republican piano competition, which is what I really wanted to do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess this must have created a lot of anger and frustration!
      Too bad science is often presented as superior to other school subjects, isn’t it? I’m sure I disappointed my father when I chose to study foreign languages instead of math. But just like it takes all kinds of people to make our world, it takes all kinds of intellectual abilities to make it a beautiful place.
      Take care, Dolly!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Not in our times, it wasn’t, but they had their own logic: they couldn’t have a Jewish girl compete in Russian or Ukrainian language (it was against their nationalist policy), and music was not a school subject. I attended a music school, in addition to a regular school, so those competitions did not bring any credit to my regular school. In fact, I had been tracked to a math high school, but my mother bribed the official in charge who changed my tracking papers to music and arts.
        Be well and stay safe, dear Joelle!

        Liked by 1 person

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