curried zucchini fish bake, and some interesting harvests in our garden!

Hello dear neighbors ! A little curry powder, some coconut milk and tomato paste is all it takes to turn an otherwise pretty bland vegetable into an interesting dish. Baked with fish on top, and served with buckwheat « couscous », I very much enjoy this simple meal, in which each portion includes practically half of the required daily amount of vegetables ! (For more info on the subject of 5 fruits and vegetables on our plates, please see my previous post.)

Ingredients ( serves 2):

(all my ingredients are preferably organic and additive-free unless stated otherwise)

400g zucchini

– 1 TBSP olive oil

– ¼ tsp all natural sea salt + a little more for the fish

– ¼ tsp curry powder + a little more for the fish

– 3 TBSP coconut milk ; the kind I buy has some guar gum as a thickening agent

– 1 TBSP tomato paste

– 2 portions of fish ; as we live far from the sea I prefer to buy fish that was frozen on the fishing boat, supposedly without adding anything to it

How to:

1. Preheat your oven at 190°C / 375°C

2. Wash the zucchini, peel it if you like, and slice it. Toss the zucchini slices with the olive oil, curry, half the salt and place in a baking dish. Start baking on its own for about 30 minutes.

after 25 to 30 minutes they should start browning ever so slightly

3. Meanwhile, combine coconut milk, tomato paste and remaining salt. Separately, sprinkle the fish with a little curry and some salt.

4. Pour coconut milk mixture over zucchini, top with fish pieces.

The day I took these photos our son was over so I doubled the quantities.  What was leftover was reheated in the microwave a couple of days later.

5. Bake an additional 20 to 30 minutes, depending on fish thickness but also on tender you like your zucchini slices to get.  Enjoy!

curried zucchini fish bake
Really tasty!

If you like curry and fish, I have a similar recipe with green peas here.


This year we are trying our luck at different vegetables. Only just this morning we dug up our very first batch of red potatoes, which I steamed for our lunch.

There is definitely nothing more satisfying than home grown food!

I have told you about the broad beans ; my battle against aphids seems to have been won, and now I am watching the pods take shape and grow. My husband and I also put in carrot seeds a couple of weeks ago and a rhubarb plant, a gift from my mom. Ok, none of this is exciting or out of the ordinary, right ? Hang on, dear neighbors. There’s more !

It looks like we are also growing something unusual in the front of the house, the side that faces almost due South. I was busy getting rid of weeds, when suddenly I spotted this :


At first I was very puzzled. My husband had told me he was going to plant Paimpol beans in addition to the regular green beans, and I didn’t quite see why he would have picked such a spot for them !

Paimpol haricot beans

Plus, there were something like three or four altogether in the dirt between one of the rose bushes and the carpobrotus. Could they have been dropped by birds ? It just didn’t make sense. And then it did : those were eggs, lizard’s eggs, laid by garden skinks, the kind that I keep seeing dashing for shelter in my flower bed whenever I walk by – also the kind that our son’s cat loves to catch on the balcony !

After a quick DuckDuckGo search (I avoid using Google) confirmed it, I rushed to put my find back where it was, in the comfort of the warm soil. These little creatures will take care of some of the insects after they hatch !  I hope you have enjoyed this post; so long, dear neighbors!



    1. Same here, thank you for commenting, Dolly 😊
      Life is a little quieter; over the next few days all I have to worry about is catsitting for our children 😻. She loves it at our house, there is a lot more action to watch from the French door, like my friend the squirrel running across the back yard in search of walnuts 😄

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  1. How exciting! Baby dinosaur eggs 🙂 You’re garden is so exotic. Keep us posted on how they progress. Glad that you’re enjoying some home-grown produce. I’m eating small quantities of strawberries, never anything more than a handful at a time, but still very nice all the same.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Kathryn, indeed it felt like a Jurassic Park experience 😄! I hope I didn’t disturb them too much…
      This year has not been a good one for strawberries here either. I ended up buying some to make jam! Oh well.

      Liked by 1 person

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