spring rolls for the sulfite-intolerant traveler, gluten-free


Hello, dear neighbors ! Spring rolls in December, not too surprising given the current temperatures: just like some of my dear neighbors in Scotland and Ireland, there are spring flowers growing in my flower beds!

These “December spring rolls” come in a special « traveler’s edition », with no need for a sauce to dip them in and no fear to spill anything ! They can be prepared ahead, which I highly recommend – or am I the only one whose mornings are absolutely hectic  on the day of the departure? Well wrapped in plastic film, they will stay perfectly fresh until you get them out of your bag the following day, on the train, in the car or at the hotel. To make the dipping sauce unnecessary I add a homemade nut spread to the vermicelli and vegetables. Finally, there are two versions of these rolls : one with chicken meat (safe for sulfite-intolerant people) and one with mushrooms. 

NOTE: for other tips on traveling with food intolerance, see last year’s post here.

Ingredients (for 6 rolls)

4 TBSP homemade nut and chive spread, to be made ahead using half the quantities given in the recipe here

– 25 g rice vermicelli, to be cooked ahead according to package instructions (no mung bean vermicelli if they contain starch, which may have been processed using sulfites)

– 1 TBSP organic tamari

– some pink radishes or black radish

– some leftover chicken meat from a roast chicken or a steamed chicken fillet or cooked mushrooms (again, to be avoided if you are sulfite-intolerant : I am not sure why, but even in their organic form they seem to disagree with my husband)

– 6 rice sheets (ingredients : rice, water, salt)

– 6 pretty lettuce leaves, as « smooth » as possible, to make folding easier !

How to:

1. Cut cooked vermicelli into very small pieces. Add nut spread, tamari, grated or julienned carrot and radish, and meat or mushrooms. Mix well. Prepare a dish lightly brushed with oil on which the finished rolls will be placed.

ready to start, with the chicken mix on the left and the mushroom mix on the right

2. Soften one rice sheet in very warm water (I do it in a large skillet), remove from water and place on a large plate. Put one big leaf of lettuce (or two smaller ones, overlapping in their middle) towards the bottom, add a small amount of filling, start rolling upwards, fold the sides in and finish rolling. Place on oiled dish and repeat until you run out of filling.

Wrap the rolls individually and keep in the refrigerator until departture time. Have a nice and safe trip, dear neighbors !

About last post’s enigma…

Who could be responsible for this lousy haircut?

And the answer :

Cat food is fine, but a brush tasting of organic olive oil isn’t bad either !

Of course I went out and bought a new brush… and boy, did I laugh when I read the package !

Literally : « Does not lose its hair »… Really ?

Bottom line: our children’s cat will never make it as a hairdresser !

Before you go away, dear neighbors, I want to let you know that my next post will be about the Christmas dessert (« bûche de Noël ») I am going to make this year. The following photo is here just to give you an idea 🎄.  

Have a good week, safe travels everyone!



    1. Thank you Kathryn! I have clothes hanging outside on the line today. Strange weather pattern, we have to take the good with the bad.
      Our children and their mischievous cat won’t be coming back for a while, but I have learned my lesson! The brush had been washed, but I guess it still smelled too nice for her. Oh well.
      Take care, enjoy the dry spell!


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