how to cook two different types of rice together, and how my dreams of glory got shattered 😢

When it comes to rice, everyone has his/her own preference… Children, sensitive guts, finicky husbands, don’t always appreciate rice unless it is white. Now this poses a double problem for cooking : whole grain rice takes longer to cook, and you don’t want the grains to mix as they do… How do you want to separate them in the dish : with the help of a fork or with chopsticks 😆 ?

I have a solution that does not involve separate cooking, dear neighbors. For a change, here it is in the form of commented pictures.

Ingredients and equipment :

You will need 3 to 4 TBSP rice per person + a steamer (mine is nothing special, just a regular one)

How to:


how to cook different types of rice together, step 2




steamed Basmati rice with salmon and spinach

And if you are interested in my salmon recipe, it is here, in French for now, one more on my « to be translated » list 😏. About translating, I redid the video where I show how I make gluten-free phyllo leaves. It is now on Youtube here in English . It was a lot of fun creating this dubbed version, because I had to download a video editor and then learn how to associate the right soundtrack to the original video, which I had recorded in French… I was quite proud of myself, and pondering which outfit I could possibly wear to sign autographs after I got a Hollywood film award 🤩, I called my daughter to tell her about my technical prowess. Her reaction ? « Oh yeah, right, just like that video my friends and I made back in high school for X’s birthday, remember? » The landing was harsh : my dearest daughter belongs to this generation of YouTubers who have no qualms in shattering their mom’s dream at the bottom of Beverley Hills. I’m still crying, dear neighbors .


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