spinach, carrot and almond dish with a touch of fenugreek and humor

Well, dear neighbors, it seems that this year we are going straight from summer to winter. “Spinach time again, God must be on vacation!”  I just heard my husband say under his breath 😆! Come on, say goodbye to peppers until next year but please put that kleenex away, spinach can be tasty too ! And no need to drown them in loads of Béchamel sauce or hide them under tons of cheese… If you grow them yourself or buy them extra fresh, preferably from a local farm, you will change your mind for ever about spinach (I am talking from experience).

This is a quick and easy recipe, one that my second son has complimented on in the past, so I hope you too will like it . I promise to do my best to make it go down smoothly with a touch of humor, and then as a bonus I am sharing a fun photo at the end of the recipe. 

Ingredients (about 2 servings)


200 g / 7 oz organic spinach

– 200 g  / 7 oz carrots, organic or fresh from the garden (I know some of my neighbors to be top gardeners)

½ tsp fenugreek

– 1 TBSP olive oil (coconut oil might be fine here also)

– 20 g  / 0.7 oz raw almonds (imperatively organic, unsulphered, in order to avoid sulfites)

How to:

1. Coarsely sliver the almonds and put them to roast in a skillet, over very low heat, stirring occasionally.

2. Wash and brush the carrots. Cut diagonally for an Asian touch ! Keep an eye on the almonds, you wouldn’t want them to burn, dear neighbor 😝 !

3. Heat up the oil in a wok or a large frying pan ; add the carrots with the fenugreek, sautee for about a minute, then cover and lower the heat. Tell me, how are the almonds coming along? It might be time to remove them from the heat 😉!


As for the carrots, let them cook for about 4 minutes. They will be slightly crunchy, which is how we like them. Feel free to cook them longer.

4. While the carrots are cooking, trim and wash the spinach, draining excess water. Add to the carrots, still on low heat and stirring until the spinach leaves are wilted.

Don’t forget to add the almonds before serving. Sometimes we have steamed rice on the side, and as always my husband loves to drizzle a little tamari on his vegetables, especially since in this recipe I do not use any salt at all.


So winter is coming. Who wants to be outside in the cold ? Not these little critters…


Farm kitties doing their utmost to be invited inside where it is nice and warm… Courtesy of my sister-in-law 😊!


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