winter squash and turnip bake (with rosemary)

Dear neighbors, please note the artistic efforts I have to go through in the hope of motivating those of us who somehow lack enthusiasm when it comes to eating vegetables 😄.

Oh well. If, contrary to my lovely husband everyone around you just loves winter vegetables and rejoice at their mere sight, you may content yourself with layering them on your pie dish without being fussy! But don’t forget the rosemary, it adds a happy summery flavor to the dish, much appreciated at the onset of the cold season. Actually, this recipe is very simple. You may eat it as a main dish if you are a vegetarian, or as a side dish, as you like!


350 g/ 12.35 oz winter squash (pumpkin) (more or less)

– 175 g / 6.18 oz  “purple” turnip (more or less)

3 to 4 TBSP olive oil

– 1 TBSP rosemary  (never mind the photo, I got the wrong jar out 🤭)

some “real” mozzarella (optional)

a little sea salt, unrefined and with no additives (optional)

How to:

Preheat the oven to 200°C / 395°F (no fan)

1. Peel pumpkin and turnip, cut into 5 mm (½ inch) thick slices.

2. Add olive oil and rosemary and toss. You may add a little salt, but if your vegetables are good quality you may find this unnecessary.


3. Display the slices in circular layers on a lined pie dish to reveal (or not) your artistic talents!

4. Bake for 45 minutes total. If desired, add mozzarella pieces 15 minutes before the end.

Enjoy, dear neighbors!



  1. Thank you, Dolly, I owe this inspiration to your blog also: you post so many beautiful creations that I felt I should try a little harder than usual, even with vegetables 😊


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