savory crepes with creamy chicken and mushroom filling (dairy-free, gluten-free)

A couple of weeks ago I finished weeding for the last time this year. No, weeding has not become an obsession. You see, our house is on a hill and there is a flower bed nestled between the stairs leading to the front door and a retaining wall on the side. So I just wanted to make sure there was plenty of good soil for the crawler plants that I put in there last spring. I don’t have a green thumb (it only occasionally gets red from many clumsy mishaps) so I was thrilled to realize that they are already starting to spread ! If next spring and summer we have a colorful flower bed and less weeds I won’t have to repeat my balancing act, dear neighbor !

Now, do you remember my gluten-free wraps, made from ground oats, millet and rice flour ? Well I also use them as savory crepes, which I fill and then pan-fry until the inside is hot and the outside becomes deliciously crispy. The sauce is absolutely deliciously creamy… even without dairy ! This is one of the meals that can be prepared ahead. Even as a retiree, there are days when I appreciate not having to rush to get lunch ready, such as when I come back from my gardening. And if you are looking for a vegan meal, just increase the amount of mushrooms and skip the chicken.

Ingredients (for 4 savory crêpes)


4 gluten-free crepes, such as my oats and millet flour wraps, or simple buckwheat crepes (recipe in French and for 6 crepes here, or from Jack if you can have dairy here). They can be freshly made or rescued from your freezer ! (check out my wraps recipe for tips on freezing)

– 1 chicken breast, cut up in small bite-size morcels OR leftover baked chicken

– 120 g / 4.23 oz mushrooms ; the ones I buy are a frozen mix, and are guaranteed untreated. My husband has been able to eat these, whereas fresh mushrooms don’t seem to agree with him. We have often wondered if fresh mushrooms don’t get some kind of treatment for preservation during transport. How else can we explain this absence or presence of symptoms for the same food ?

1 tsp olive oil

– 2 tsp organic mustard made with distilled vinegar

– 100 ml / a little under ½ cup water

¼ tsp natural unrefined sea salt

– 2 TBSP all natural cashew butter (unsweetened, no oil added)

How to:

1. Saute chicken bits in hot olive oil on medium high heat, stirring to brown chicken on all sides.

2. Add 2 tsp mustard, salt (¼ tsp), mushrooms and water. Cover and cook about 15 minutes on low after boiling point.

3. When mushrooms are cooked and tender, remove the lid, add 2 TBSP cashew butter and stir well on low until nut butter has completely blended with pan juices.

4. Stuff each crepes with a quarter of the filling, folding as in photos.

You may then keep the filled crepes in the refrigerator until the next day or fry them on both sides in a lightly oiled pan until the crepes turn golden and crispy.  Enjoy!




    1. Thank you Dolly, I am sure you will love it! Cashews and cashew butter are both godsends, aren’t they? Up until now I mostly used tahini when cooking savory dishes. But here the cashew paste is a better choice, it tastes really good, better than cream as far as I am concerned. Unlike my husband, I am not allergic to dairy but avoid having temptations around the house 😇 so I don’t consume milk products as a rule. And guess what? The last time I had some real whipped cream I found it much much too rich for my “new” taste buds. So no regrets!

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