an unexpected culinary pause in this blog

Utterly stupid.  There is no other word to qualify my fall off a wall in my garden yesterday, dear neighbors.  I stepped back, not looking, and not realizing I was four feet away from the ground… Ouch!  This is how I ended up in the E.R. with a fractured bone, misleadingly named the “humerus”… I sure wasn’t laughing when it cracked!

So now I am punished: not much cooking, no bread making, no piano playing, and no gardening 😟!  So is my husband: now he gets to drive me around for food shopping!

I am planning to stay in touch on this blog however, either by translating some of the recipes I already have on my French blog, or by posting items on  topics dear to me, health or environment related.

For now, I will leave you for a cup of anti-inflammatory freshly brewed tea:  pieces of ginger root, turmeric and white pepper. And I will not forget to eat almonds, nuts and green leafy vegetables to build up my calcium, as my kind daughter advised me 😊!



    1. So true. Yet as I was in the E.R. waiting alongside other people, I thought about the victims of the attack in Manchester and told myself my pain was nothing really. Thank you for your support, Jillian!


    1. I am going to take it easy for the next few days; my arm did not appreciate the ride to the store today, in spite of my husband’s careful driving: too many “slow bumps” on the road 😖…

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