sulfite-free pumpkin seed dressing, an alternative to vinaigrette

Election time over here in France… Dear neighbors, there has been a coup d’état in our home ! On our table the traditional « vinaigrette » has been overthrown by this dressing! It was predictable : it had been sneaking in ever since my veggie bowl recipe last fall. And yesterday, as I served it with fresh asparagus, tomato and cucumber slices, our kids, who are vegetable lovers, elected it Dressing of the Year !

This dressing perfectly complements beets, avocado, hard-boiled eggs and is a great option for all neighbors who are looking for something thicker than the usual drizzle of oil and lemon juice.  Also excellent on a green salad; just make it a little thinner by adding more water.



6 TBSP ground organic pumpkin seeds

½ tsp de unrefined natural sea salt

– 2 TBSP de rice vinegar

– 2 TBSP olive oil

– 1 à 2 TBSP water

How to:

Mix ground seeds, salt and vinegar ; add olive oil, then gradually mix in water until desired consistency.

This dressing can be stored in a small jar, to be closed tightly to avoid drying up. 

P-S:  I use an old coffee grinder to turn my seeds into “pumpkin meal”; but any food processor should do the same.




  1. I love pumpkin seeds but I have never used them in a dressing. I will be trying them out. I do make a sauce with them to eat over brown rice though. I soak about a cup of pumpkin seeds over night and blend them the next day adding shallots, sea salt, turmeric and simmer. It’s something my grandma used to make and I really like it. ❤

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    1. Oooh, this sounds good! We both like pumpkin seeds, whether ground or toasted. I need to give this a try too. Turmeric is something we eat and also drink in tea; as you said in your post, it has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties! Take care, and happy Easter!

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