An easy trick to remember which cereals contain gluten

(image: courtesy of

Hi everyone!

There is a list of cereals that one should know when trying to avoid gluten, be it for yourself or for guests with celiac disease.  Have you memorized it?  I haven’t.  There is an easy way to list them all…  Still can’t figure it out?  Come on…

Don’t raise your eyeBROWS and stop BROWSing the net for the answer!

B for Barley

R for Rye

O for Oats*

W for Wheat

S for Spelt and wheat-Similar cereals

There you go!  BROWS is the keyword to remember! Now you can start smiling again, as I sure hope you will 😊.

* Oats often contain gluten through cross-contamination. You can, however, find oats which are certified gluten-free. As with sulfites, I advise you to read labels carefully. 


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