frozen mango mousse (with vegan option)

No more store-bought ice-cream or sorbets for us has not meant foregoing refreshing desserts! This is one example of what you can make without much fuss.

I first came up with this simple recipe using egg white and then tried it out with chickpea juice. Guess what? Our favourite version is the vegan one! I was bold enough to serve it to some guests, who never knew the difference…

Ingredients (4- 5 servings)

– about 120 g mango flesh

– 1 egg white* OR the equivalent in chickpea juice, from a can of drained chick peas.

– 1 TBSP homemade powdered sugar = pure untreated cane sugar or coconut sugar, blitzed in my good old electric coffee grinder or in your food processor.

– a few raspberries: if not from my garden, I buy them organic to avoid pesticides. Frozen rapsberries are fine too.

How to:

1. Using an immersion blender, puree the mango flesh into a very smooth pulp.

2. Beat the egg white or the chickpea juice until peaks form (it takes up to 10 minutes for the latter). Add in the TBSP sugar towards the end.

3. Gently fold the blended mango into the mousse. This process is easier, and the result more colorful, in the vegan option.

4. Pour into small bowls and freeze for about 3 hours. Beyond that time, the mousse will be just as tasty, but a little harder.

5. top with a few raspberries for the final touch. Yummy!


*What to do with the leftover egg yolk:   sneak it into an omelette, make a mayonnaise, using sulfite-free Dijon style mustard (made with white distilled vinegar as opposed to wine vinegar), or make dairy-free French pastry cream



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