potato patties

If you like potatoes (who doesn’t?) you are going to love these patties, I promise you. Everyone who has tried them in my house has asked for seconds! The only constraint is that you need gluten free bread, and this probably means making your own, unless you are lucky enough to find some that has no added anything. Here in France the stores only carry stuff that I definitely don’t want to test on my beloved! One final word of “wisdom”: these patties will not mind if you use old (end-of-season) potatoes, as a matter of fact this recipe will give you a chance to use them!

Ingredients: (4 servings)

500 g potatoes

100 g gluten free bread slices (edge removed)

sea salt

olive oil for frying

for the “crust”:

2 TBSP polenta or 1 TBSP polenta + 1 TBSP almond meal

How to:

1. Peel the potatoes, cut up in cubes and cook in salted water, about 20 to 25 minutes after the water starts boiling.

2. Remove the potatoes from the pan but DO NOT DISCARD THE LIQUID. Mash in a bowl.

3. Quickly dip the bread in the potato cooking water, add to the mashed potatoes, mash some more to mix well. You may want to use a blender in order to get a homogeneous “paste”. Taste and add salt if necessary.

4. With wet hands, form patties, dip into the polenta-almond meal mix and set aside on an oiled plate (to prevent sticking). At this point, the patties can be refrigerated and wait until about ten minutes before time.

5. Brown the patties on both sides in hot olive oil.

6. Serve, sit down and enjoy!



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